How to use this image

Right click (or tap-and-hold) on the image, and select Save As... or Share on your cellphone.

You can save the file to your Photos and share on Instagram or Facebook.

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"But what if I want an image with no watermark, and at a higher resolution?"

Simple! Just make a small contribution to the project below, and you'll receive a high-resolution image file with no watermark. You can use it to make prints, images, and anything else you can imagine!

Make a contribution

The Eyes of Gaia project is entirely supported through donations and contributions from project sponsors and participants. Your donations support the artist expenses, materials, travel expenses, and equipment costs of the project. All contributors will receive a high resolution image of their eye, suitable for use in framed prints, wall hangings, or anything your creativity can imagine! Make a contribution and you will receive the highest-quality image available as prepared by the artist. View a sample of the image you will receive.

This is just one example of what you can do with your high-resolution iris image. Once you make a contribution, you will receive the image immediately as a direct download to your phone or computer.